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Iona Morris’ Biography


Miss Morris has been a working actress for over 25 years, a director for 12 and a writer since the beginning.  She is the new triple threat, with producing credits thrown in for good measure.  She is recurring as Rosetta, on the Untitled "CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER" pilot set to air on TV LAND.  Iona's also just shot "Love That Girl" and has been asked to come back, having shot the final episode in their third season leaving a cliff hanger between her daughter and herself.  In her acting career, Iona has recurred on such shows as “Moesha,” (3 years) playing Aunt Sandy Ray J’s mom; “The District,” (two years) as Macy Rodgers, the late, great Lynn Thigpen’s sister-in-law, on “As The World Turns,” (4 years) as Fiona Griffin – Jessica’s sister, recurred on “Passions,” “General Hospital,” the short-lived “LAX,” with Blair Underwood and Heather Locklear.  She has guested on “LAW & ORDER: L.A.,” “Cold Case,” “Lincoln Heights,” “The Shield,” as CCH Pounder’s best friend, Ida, “Star Trek: Voyager,” as Umali – one of the only Black aliens, “Martin,” “The Wayans Bros.,” “Homeboys in Outer Space,”  “Cedric the Entertainer,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Hill Street Blues,” the MOW - “The Princess and the Marine” and many others.  Miss Morris was a series regular on “The Adventures of ARK” (2 years.)  Her favorite film role was as dancer Nila Fontaine in Tim Reid’s “Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored.”  Other films - “Ride or Die” with Vivica Fox, “Patient 14” and “It’s In The Bag” a short film that has won many international festival awards.

Iona is the original voice of Storm from the 80’s hit “X-Men” cartoon series, Medusa in the “Fantastic Four,” and Robbie Robinson’s wife in “Spiderman,” just to name a few.  She was also Colonel James in the popular game “Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.  Iona has also had a long and lucrative career in voice-over commercials, as a network promo announcer, video games and many more cartoons.  She is also spreading out into the word of  books on tape.  To learn more about her voice-over credits, please visit her website at 

In Theatre, Iona’s current production, a sizzling, sexy, collaboration with Mariann Aalda, (Edge of Night, The Royal Family, First and 10), entitled “M.O.I.S.T.!” is a sex-istential musical comedy written by, starring and produced by Iona and Mariann through their production company Al & Mo Productions.  It just completed a long successful 9-month run in Los Angeles, California. This 2 woman, 2 musician play celebrating the beauty and sensuality of women over 40, 50, 60, 70 on up not only has women flocking to the theatre again and again, but men singing it’s praises as well.  You can check out some clips and other information on “M.O.I.S.T.!” at our website  Iona has won 2 Hollywood NAACP Theater Awards; one for Best Supporting Actress and Best Ensemble Cast.  A DramaLogue Award for her work in Kevin Arkadie’s play “Up The Mountain” and a second DramaLogue Award for best supporting actress in the play “Two Rooms.” Her regional work is as follows: “As Bees In Honey Drown,” at the Pasadena Playhouse; “Cuttin’ Up,” at the Pasadena Playhouse and Cleveland Playhouse; “Home” and “Piano Lesson” staged at the Denver Center Theatre Company and “Blues For An Alabama Sky” at The Sacramento Theatre Company.  Iona has done most of her theatre work in Los Angeles, in the acapella musical “Mens,” the long running “Girl Bar,” “Indigo Blues,” and “Tartuffe” among many others.  In New York, she debuted the plays “Native Speech,” “Telltale Hearts,” and “A Perfect Diamond.” 

Miss Morris has written three one-woman shows, with the solo performance, of her play “For You,” a theatrical tribute to her father, Greg Morris who played Barney Collier the electronics expert on the 1970’s hit T.V. series “Mission: Impossible,” garnering critical acclaim.  Her performance is often called a one-man show because she portrays her father bringing him to life on stage.  A murder mystery entitled “Not All Writers Should Drive A Mercedes Benz” and 2 other one woman shows, along with her book WOMAN SENSUAL… with a second one on the way.

Iona has directed and been a contributing writer on many solo shows.  Currently, she is directing the one-woman show WAKE UP written by and starring Kendyl Joi.  She recently directed Jenifer Lewis in her solo-show SO MUCH LOVE!, at the Nate Holden Theatre.  As director and contributing writer, Iona co-wrote and directed Blair Underwood’s one-man show “IM4,” directed and was a contributing monologist on Penny Johnson-Jerald‘s (“24,””Larry Shandling”) one-woman show “Not My Child,” directed Kim Wayan’s one-woman show “A Handsome Woman Retreats,” Virginia Watson’s (Johnny Guitar Watson’s daughter) one-woman show “It’s Never Too Late,” directed the 21 person musical “SHEBA” in L.A. and for the N.Y. Musical Theatre Festival, assistant directed “Purlie” and “RAY CHALES LIVE!” under Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director at the Pasadena Playhouse, directed the Gospel Musical “Who Do You Love” with Erica Campbell from Mary, Mary and STILL STANDING: THE MUSICAL in Switzerland.  Iona recently directed Jenifer Lewis in her solo-show SO MUCH LOVE!, at the Nate Holden Theatre.  She also directed, VAGINA MONOLOGUES in Washington DC and for the 2nd time, directed VAGINA MONOLOGUES for V-DAY Santa Monica.  She is also directing a fairly new work.  A book of essays Eve Ensler co-edited titled A MEMORY, A MONOLOGUE, A RANT and A PRAYER, for V-DAY Santa Monica, as well.  These are essays by notable celebrities and Pulitzer Price winning authors.  This book allows men to get into the conversation about abuse of women.  s. Morris has taken several of these essays and arranged them into a stirring production, with music and vocals, by Chris Pierce, weaving through the pieces.