Lorzensaal Theatre, Switzerland

DIRECTING  -  My thoughts about directing and how I began...

Early on in this business, I worked with some of those old Broadway dolls and after two weeks of rehearsal they looked at me and pointedly said, "You'll be directing one day."  I scoffed.  I wanted to act.  I wanted to be on stage, in front of the camera, maybe even write, but I had no desire to get out from in front of the people.  Well...  life has a way of bringing you into it the way "she" wants.

Many... many years later, after I had completed the production of my second one-woman show, a woman called me out of the blue asking if I'd direct her solo play.  I thought about it and well... why not?  From the moment I sat in front of her, watched what she was doing and made my first comment - I was hooked.  I loved it!  Directing!  Painting the picture of what the writer has written, taking the story into an active, physical manifestation of what the author is presenting... moving the actors around the stage, assisting them in their emotional work...  Where will the set pieces go?  The lighting?  What is the mood I am desiring to create.  Let's go back to the writer.  Though THE END is placed on the last page, is there not still more that he or she can get out of their story, put into their story...?  Oh, MY!  I am thrilled even as I write to you about my experiences in a rehearsal with the writer,  then with my crew, then with the actors.  I love it.  I live to serve the work and help it breathe.  

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Vagina Monologues   (Author:  Eve Ensler)                                                                       The Broad Theatre, Santa Monica
A Memory, A Monologue,  A Rant and A Prayer   
(Essay’s co-edited by Ensler)           The Broad Theatre, Santa Monica                           So Much Love!    (Author:  Jenifer Lewis)                                                                             Nate Holden Center Theatre, L.A.                          STILL STANDING    (Author:  Ed Rampel)                                                                          Lorenszaal Theatre, Switzerland                    SHEBA    (Author:  Sharleen Cooper-Cohen)                                                                                           Ivar Theatre & Crenshaw Theatre in L.A.,    

                                                                                                                                                                  N.Y. Musical Theatre Fest.

Vagina Monologues   (Author:   Ensler)                                                                             Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC
V-DAY SANTA MONICA, Vagina Monologues
(Author:  Ensler)                                  Broad Theatre, Santa Monica
(Authors:  F. Underwood, Morris)                                                                                     Stage 52, L.A., toured
Not My Child      
 (Author:  Penny Johnson Jerald, contributing monologuist  –  Morris)            The Hayworth Theatre, L.A.
A Handsome Woman Retreats   
(Author:  Kim Wayans)                                                   5200 Square Feet Theatre, L.A.,
                                                                                                                                                                 Cleveland Playhouse, Ohio
Better Late Than Never    
(Author:  Virginia Watson)                                                           The Lost Space Theatre, L.A.
 (Author:  Rosalynn Smith Clark)                                                               El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood, Ca.                                    
(Author:  Morris & others)                                                                                 Stage 52, L.A.
Assistant Directed:
PRODUCTION                                                          DIRECTOR                                                     THEATER
Purlie                                                                         Sheldon Epps                                         Pasadena Playhouse
Ray Charles LIVE!                                                   Sheldon Epps                                         Pasadena Playhouse
L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival Gala                    Directed, Wrote                                    Electric Lodge, Venice.
Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP               Directed, co-wrote, lighting designed           Beverly Hills Hotel
L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival Gala                    Directed, co-wrote                               Barnsdall Theatre, L.A.
ANSA (Artists for a New South Africa)                   Directed, lighting designed               Wilshire Theatre, L.A.
Gay Iris Parker Charity Benefit                   Directed, wrote, lighting designed                Pasadena Playhouse
Haiti Earthquake Charity Benefit                Directed, wrote, lighting designed                Pasadena Playhouse

I've directed many other plays, but didn't always keep the programs.  I will now.


Staged in Sherman Oaks, California.  

Okay... I didn't direct, but I sure had a lot of input.  

   (supposed to be humorous)


Staged reading performed in the beautiful Lorzensaal theatre.  http://www.lorzensaal.ch/