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 Promo, Commercial and Animation

REPRESENTATION:  CESD Talent, L.A., 310-475-2111


 Her voice is textured, solid, trustworthy, classy, warm and cool... 

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*****  RESUME  ***** 

 PROMOS   -   TV ONE (current), CBS - Daytime and Saturday Morning Shows, ABC - Sexiest Man Campaign, NBC - Various voices on Promos, Jay Leno Show. 

COMMERCIALS:   Komen's Race For A Cure (campaign), Hershey's Chocolate, Southern Bell, Walmart Radio, Ford TV (recurring), State Farm Radio, BMW RadioAE Dairy Radio, Wells Fargo Radio, Key Bank Radio, WAMU Radio, Goodbody Radio... many more.   

ANIMATION:   X-MEN (TV series)  -  Storm, W.I.T.C.H. (TV series)  -  Luba  4 episodes, Robotech (TV series.  Original Cast)  -  Claudia, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles  -  Jean Grant, Chalk Zone (TV series).   -  Principal Stringent  (recurring), Da Mob (TV series)  -  Wanda, The Wild Thornberrys (TV series)  -  Mother Elephant, High Freakquency  -  Nubian Princess, Extreme Ghostbusters (TV series), Spider-Man (TV series)  -  Storm and Martha Robinson (recurring), Spider-Man: Secret Wars (Video)  -  Storm, The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (TV series)  -  Teacher, Fantastic Four (TV series)  -  Medusa (recurring), Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV series)  -  Woman, Siegfried & Roy:  Masters of the Impossible (Video)  -  Additional Voices, Phantom 2040 (TV series)  -  Several characters (recurring), ABC Weekend Specials (TV series)... many more!


BOOKS ON TAPE :   THE DELANY SISTERS' Having Our Say; THE DELANY SISTER'S Book Of Everyday Wisdom; TWICE LOVED by LaVyrle Spencer;  

VIDEO GAMES:  -  Spider-Man 3 - Dr. Andrews/Additional Voices, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, EverQuest II - Generic Centaur Enemy (several voices), Emperor: Battle for Dune - UI Computer voice, Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale II and more.


 VOICEOVERS - How it all began...

You may know this, but just in case, my father was Greg Morris, from the '70's hit series MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE.  He had three children; wild, creative, each one their own person.  Lots of calls came in for his kids to get involved in Hollywood and Dad was very against this wanting us to have as normal a life as possible.  Let's see... my Dad was one of the very few Black celebrities at that time, we traveled the world, lived in Beverly Hills, free tickets to concerts and events where we were the only African-Americans within miles...  But, yeah, our life was pretty normal.  (smiles)  My brother and sister and I were always clowning around and being creative.  For example, my parents went out one night and by the time they came home that evening, we had worked out the musical WEST SIDE STORY between the three of us and had them sit down as we sang, acted and danced.  We went up to Lake Arrowhead for one of our winter Christmases and spent most of the time in a large room below the first floor creating a large King and Queen of Hearts card for our parents; this is what we thought of them.  During a party, they'd wake me up in the middle of the night to do the latest dances for all the adults and then once up and excited send me to bed with a kiss.   I could go on and on, but I tell you these little stories because through all of this, I don't think any of the three of us were really hankering to get on television when we were kids.  Oh, I forgot, Phil and I were extras on the original STAR TREK series in the infamous "Miri" episode.  It was fun because they were shooting on the same lot as Dad was filming "MISSION..." so he came over a lot to check on us.   Plus - A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL!!!  Yeah!  Almost forgot about that.  I was 9.  At one point, Dad came over to tell me that the Director would like to give me a line to say and I pleaded with him, they not make me talk.  (I could smack that little girl right now.)  Okay... this leads us to how I got into voice overs or, the foretelling of things to come.  

It was the end of summer and I was about 10 or 11 years old.  Dad had gotten a call that there was a lovely animated Christmas special and the Producers were having a hell of a time casting a young Black angel.  She was about my age and they were wondering if he'd let me come in and audition.  Dad read the script and then asked me if I'd like to do this?  I didn't know much about what it was, but it was a cartoon and that sounded good to me.  So, Mom takes me to this audition (right about now, as I write this, I cry, I smile, I am warmed in my heart, because this was a special moment in my young life.  Ooops, the tears are falling, have to move myself back from the keyboard.).  We go to the studio, I walk into the booth, they set the mike for my height, put the script in front of me and I start speaking.  At the end of the audition, still standing in the booth, I thought "Hm, I could do this for the rest of my life."  Wow!  Clear as a bell.  And, hear I am... a voice over talent.  So many cartoons later, commercials and promos... still so much more to do.  The little girl knew it and the adult woman, especially as I write this story I haven't thought about in over ?? years, commit myself to letting her play even more often in front of the mike.  

Remember - If you can dream it, you can be it.