Iona Morris Productions

I am very proud to present these two intensive workshops.   

The Solo Journey Workshops are being presented in several different ways:

1)   In L.A. area as 2 - 8 week intensives.  (Being offered right now.)

2)  Private coaching.  (You can also hire me as your Director.)

3)  Skype courses (will be available starting October 2013)

4)  Our workshops travel to give lectures and lessons.  

Below is information about both SOLO JOURNEY WORKSHOPS: 

1)  Creating Your Solo Show, 2) Performing Your Solo Show.  

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Haize Rosen...

(Actress, mother, doula)

“Iona Morris is essential… guiding the actor or writer into the exciting journey of expanding beyond our boundaries and fulfilling the dream of putting your piece onstage.  She helped me to find the tone and emotional heart of “Country Colored Girl!”  She took the story, the words and me in wise loving hands and shaped us into a piece of work that is sacred and speaks not only for me and to me but it speaks to all of us.  Everyone has a story to tell and it is important that we all share them. 


Virginia Watson...

(Actress and Johnnie Guitar Watson's daughter)

"Iona's solo performance writing course set me free.  I went in there only hoping not to embarrass myself, or Iona and I found the story to tell.  I recommend this class only if you're ready to at least try.  Are you ready to try?  Them, come on."

Jennifer Pagan...


“Iona’s class is nurturing and spot on for taking a seed of your truth and planting it, cultivating it, and blossoming into your own one person show.”  


Workshop 1


This is a creating workshop.  


You need only the desire to write and create your one-person show.  It is alright if you have never written, or you just write poetry or short stories or doodle, are a singer or dancer, etc..  Or, for example, a doctor or lawyer who knows you have a story to tell.  If you would prefer not to perform the show, but you just want to write it, this workshop is for you.  I will provide actors to read your work when it is time.  As long as you have the desire to write and create a solo show, this workshop is for you.


We will take the idea stuck in your mind and/or all the papers of notes on your idea you have been working on all these years and begin to clarify what you want to write about and start the process of writing your one-person/solo show.   We will work to unlock your imagination and teach you how to allow your authentic voice to come out.   We will work through writer's block; lack of belief in the beautiful talent you have; listen to what others have written so you remain inspired, knowing that your voice is just as important.  


For every class, you will either bring pad, pen or pencil OR your lap top to write on.  You will bring previous writings you are interested in using to write your one-person show.   You may bring a recorder to record the notes given to you, only, in class.  You may bring snacks with you, water will be provided.  


You may send an email to or call 213-248-6994.  The workshop is going to take place in the Los Angeles area.

Le Shay Tomlinson...


“She’s very encouraging and the environment in which you’re working in is intimate and safe.  I've never considered myself a writer until this class. The class has also helped me to develop my writer’s voice.  I now have a writing schedule...”   


Meera Sirhan...


“I can write a story… but it is only through working with Iona that I was able to make that story come alive to an audience.  She has not only helped me put together my solo show from all the bits of writing I had done in the past but has also given me the tools to become a better writer.  I am so thankful for her patience, encouragement and wisdom.”   


Workshop 2


So, you have finished your show, are almost done or want to revamp your once produced solo show and you don't have a director or a dramaturg.  Well, then this workshop is for you!


To have almost completed or have completed your one-person show.  You do not have to have had it produced, but if you have and you want to tweak it, this is for you.  You need to have had experience performing on stage.  


The first two weeks - Reading your play, making sure your story is flowing.   So, there may be some writing.  The rest of the weeks, you will be on your feet working through the staging and direction of your piece.   The objective of this workshop is to:

1)  Get you comfortable on stage with your play

2)  Work on the life that you will create on stage with your piece

3)  To tweak and polish the show you had created in the past.

4)   To finally work with a director on what you've written.

In these 8 weeks, we will make a nice dent in the work, but if you choose to continue, we will have the opportunity to go further with the work.  Privates are also available in-between the weeks we have our workshop.


Bring two copies of your script.  Bring pad, pencil or pen and/or your laptop.   You can record the notes given to you only.  As we continue with the work, more will be added to this list: props, costumes, music, etc.  Bring a snack with you.  Water is provided.


Registration is based on your being accepted into the workshop.  Send 10 to 15 pages to  Make it a pdf, as opposed to a word document.  After reading the segment, you will receive a phone call or an email to further discuss your work and after that, determination of acceptance will be made.  For more information, send an email to  or call 213-248-6994.  The workshop is going to take place in the Los Angeles or North Hollywood area.